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I love parfums, so when someone ask me to join for buying a parfum I must go, it is like the excuse to delight smell. Of course, it has a real risk, which is that I usually buy something. Especially if it is about Diptyque, it doesn´t matter if it is a parfum, a candle, some hand cream or even some type of oil for face.

This time it is about the parfum that I want to share with you today. It was launched in 2018, as a new version of 34, but it is a very special version, where sandalwood and vanilla are creating a magic smell.

It is important to say that I like parfums with this type of aromas, so when I found this one, which includes this smell mix in a perfect way, I had to buy. Diptyque can offer you more parfums or toilettes with this type of smell, like Eau Duelle, marked by vanilla, Tamdao where azmicle with sandal and wood are giving a sensual notes or Do Son, with orange blossom and azmicle, this last one is mainly for women.

Actually, this is a very particular article for those who like this sort of perfumes. Highlight each time that I am wearing 34, someone is asking me for it. So, here the complete name: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Parfum. If you have the chance to try I highly recommended to do it.

In Madrid, you can find in several shops, I share with you some of them, where I enjoy the shopping experience always: Diptyque in Claudio Coello, Abanuc and Le Secret du Marais.

Parfum: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, Diptyque

Do you know Diptyque?

For those of you who know this great house of French perfumes I do not have much to say, there is no one who can resist its fragrances. And for those who do not know it, I definitely recommend it.

Dyptique is a French house of perfumes, but it is not just another else Maison, it is very special. Without going into too much historical detail, I would like just to point out that 3 French friends were launched with this adventure more than 50 years ago, and today it has become a delight for the senses. I say senses it is because not only the smell enjoys these distinct fragrances. The singularity and detail these artists are putting in the design of each fragrance is special, and the texture of personal care product range, which has been recently launched on the market, is really pleasing.

This singular house pretends to delight our sense of smell, the Maison has a big range of perfumes, another fragrance for the home, and their last launch it has been a care and body assortment of products.

Beginning with the fragrances. These perfumes are elaborated using essences and natural oils, creating very particular conceptions, as each one has a great history behind. They are mostly unisex and a very special. Three of my favorites are Tam Dao, Duelle, and  the well-known 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, whose name comes directly from this concrete street of Paris, where was located the first store of these brand, store which today is still open. I do say that all Diptyque smells have body and energy.

If you like the lightest aromas, they also have a range of light aromas such as L’Eau de Néroli, I love it for Summer time. It is super fresh with an exclusivity seduction drop keeping the uniqueness aromas of this wonderful house of perfumes.

We continue with the scented candles, I must say that the Diptyque candles are a spectacle, personally I can say there are the best I have founded. They are completely hand crafted, from the wax preparation, under its secret formula, until the wick is placed.

Their smells charm and nobody will keep indifferent. Personally, vanilla candle makes me crazy. Ii has a very distinct smell, as it has some woody notes which make it a very special aroma.
This is the one I have at home; it never leaves anybody unmoved. Tubéreuse is another of the candles that fascinates me, because its aromas remind me some candies of my childhood.

Finally, as I have said previously, they have personal  beauty care range. I do tell you this soap and hand cream are my first test. I bought last weekend; they are already in my bathroom and I am super pleased. The soap is a mixture of lavender with lemon oil and a few touches of honey, it is a delight for the senses, the smell is soft and the texture is extremely gentle thanks to honey. The hand cream is also easy and light with a delicate and pleasant aroma.

I highly recommend you visit a Diptyque Boutique, this experience is like a delight for the senses, and you can deserve with one of its products, you will not regret it.

Special Scents

Back into the routine, I would like to share with you one of the amazing discoveries of this Easter Holidays. Going around Tarifa to do some shopping we found Me Quieres, a wonderful shop where the retail experience is remarkable thanks to Bea, the kind owner of this great store.You can find singular brands from Europe or USA with special clothes, shoes bags and other accessories.

I will share with you more about this store soon, as is well worth visiting if you go to Tarifa. . But today I start with one of my purchases. It is this perfume oil, for those who know me know that I am a perfume lover, and when I smell this one I fell in love with it.

It is from RAGDOLL, an American brand from Los Angeles. It has really beautiful garments and accessories and this perfume is like an important piece of its collection. It is not easy to find in Spain, however you can find it in Tarifa.

It is handmade with natural ingredients ant it has a very pleasant smell; it is a kind of warm wood and sweet undertone, providing a suggestive softness.

Some curiosity about perfumes is the unconscious influence which aromas are producing in our memories and moods; in fact aromatherapy is now coming into vogue.

Regarding this perfume oil the three key components are sandalwood, amber and musk.Some interests about these three ingredients which can activate sensations and emotions are the following:

  • Sandalwood, of Indian origin, it increases clam and harmony and attracts positive energy. It provides perfumes the woody taste.
  • Amber, it enhances the sense of peace and comfort, increases creativity and also has attributed aphrodisiac properties.
  • Musk, as curiosity, let share its origin, from a substance that is secreted by musk deer gland.  However nowadays synthetic musks are being increasingly used, they imitate the natural ones giving smoother aroma. Highlight musk is characterized by its sensual and appeal features.

As summary I would say this perfume has a very special and singular smell.

Here you have the links of Me Quieres store location and Ragdoll website, where you can check the awesome collection of this American brand which you can find in Tarifa.



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