One of my goals this year was start running again. After almost 8 years without doing it, due to the fact that the chondrocytes in one of my knees are a little bit atrophied, I have tried to strengthen my legs with other type of exercises, to get the chance of running again.

I have to say I am very happy as it is providing me a lot of benefits, summarizing: Running gives me life, in every way.

So I leave today’s outfit in case you like it or it can give you some idea. It is Nike 100%, as could not be otherwise, because their garments are brilliant, not only in terms of technology and qualities but also they are very bold fabrics and super feminine designs. I bought them one week ago and I want to try them.

Here the tight as an example of daring garment thanks their colorful print with spring tones and cool colors. But the most important: the quality of its fabric, as really comfortable and extraordinary durability. In addition its mesh panels allow more and better breathability.

Highlight the bra; it is called Nike Pro Rival, with adaptable racerback and elastic chest band, which made it very easy to use. It is perfect for high impact sports; as its knit fabric and high compression reduce bounce effect. It is totally recommended. Here the link where you have more information about this bra.

So I encourage you to run, it is an easy and cheap sport which provides great benefits to your body, not only inside but also outside.

Keep on running!!!


Running Outfit: Nike