Discovering the most favored colors on you!

In the previous post we talk about color tones, we set the difference between cold and warm tones.Today we share some tips which can help us to know which tones suit us better, so let see some points about that:

· Veins color, if our veins tend to more greenish that means warm tones are our ones; however if our veins have a greater tendency to bluish, your tones would be cool.

· Metals, if gold accessories suits you better, then your tones are warm; if you feel better with silver colors, your tones are the cool ones.

· Sun skin reaction, if you get tan easily and do not sunburn with sun, warm colors feel you better, if you are one of those who burn easily and take time to get tan, at that point your colors are cool.

· Neutral tones can also help us define our group, if you look better with ivory, beige or toasted colors, you are definitely warm tones. If you look more favored with white or black, your tones are cool.

· Eyes & hair color can be also a great indicator; however there are multiple combinations, and sometimes it becomes confusing. Usually warm skins are characterized by toasted, brown, hazel or honey eyes with hair in the following tones: brown, coppery red blond or black with golden tints. Pale blue, green and black eyes with blond hair, light chestnut and black with bluish tones, are usually cool skins.

I hope this helps you to determine which your tones are.

Cool & Warm Tones

We all look better with some colors. This is not by chance, our skin surface tone, eyes and  hair color, even our veins, define the most appropriate color tone for each and every one of us.

There are basically two groups of tones, cool and warm. We have also neutral, but let´s start for this two.

COOL TONES are those with blue undertone.Does that mean that “all blue tones” enhance my appearance?  The answer is NO, since there are blue tones with more yellow components, for such us the turquoise-blue…

WARM COLORS are those with yellow undertone. We can do again same question, so now let’s give an example with red color. “All red tone”s looks good on me if I belong warm color group?The answer again is NO. It depends on the red range.There are red tones with more yellow content such us coral red.

Coral red looks better to those who fit into warm colors group. Even in Summer, when we are bronzed, we all feel good with this color… but  actually this color is enhancing warms…What about cherry red. This red tone has more blue content; therefore it is perfect for those who fit with cool colors.

It is really useful to know our color palette, as these will be the colors which get better our looks.

In the next post we will see some guidelines to know if we are warm or cool colors.


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