Navy & Black

Simple outfit I wanted to share with you as many friends ask me to do it.

Starting by shoes, as they are the origin of the outfit. The navy upper with some black print and small ornament in green are doing a basic shoe easy to wear with basics colors as black or navy, at least for me navy is a basic…

It is not only basic because the colors, but also because the style. These shoes are really comfortable, small heel and wide last, it seems you are wearing sneakers…

The trousers are a basic of Zara, that I bought 3 years ago, and the t-shirt another basic from Uniqlo, made with a great cotton quality, by the way they have already opened Madrid store, recommended visit, you can find basic garments at good prices.

Last, but not least, the bag, it is giving some color at the outfit. This is an special bag style, I love Lupo’s bags, and this one called abanico is my favorite.

Once again, I hope this can inspire you.

Trousers: Zara  
T-shirt. Uniqlo 
Bag: Lupo
Shoes: Chie Mihara

The wedding of the year !!!!

The wedding of the year, the main reason is not because this is the only wedding I going to assist this year, the main reason is because it is my brother’s wedding.

So, for this special moment, I wanted to design and create my own dress, so I ask for help to my mother, and go!

One of the things that is doing this dress special is the fabric, we bought this textile in a very special store in down town Madrid, called Julián López. I highly recommend to visit this store if you want to find some special fabric, and this time, we choose a silk tulle of Dolce & Gabanna with embroidery flowers.

We decide to design a simple but different dress. Simple because the fabric has life enough, and different thanks to asymmetric neckline, which give dynamism to this garment.

Related to accessories, shoes and clutch were basics with different colors to create a more youthful look, and simple, to give extraordinary prominence to the headdress.

Indeed, the headdress was “the accessory”, as it was matching with the dress in a very and creating a special outfit together.

As special as the headdress’ designer, she is called Eva, she is developing her own  brand called Lowla. She is designing really original and amazing pieces which doing with love are the perfect complement for your dress. You can find more info about Eva in the link, be careful!! because you are going to fall in love with their headdress.

I hope this inspire you!

Dress:  home made by my mom and myself. 
Headdress: Lowla 
Sandals: Sandro
Clutch: Kawa – Kawa

Black & Navy

Happy to share with you this outfit, I love this skirt, it is quite special for me. Raw material is neoprene, and I found it not only original but also versatile. The surprise is that it is not only a skirt, you can use it like a cape with a blazer or jacket. Also, you can wear like strapless top with a beautiful belt and your jeans.

The brand Sohung Designs, Tom, the designer, born in Asia, he studied in NYC, where you can buy their collections. So, if you go to New York, I recommended you visit Chelsea market, you could find a small shop of Sohung into the market and buy there some of their original garments.

I said you I recommend you visit Chelsea market, but I would like to say it is a visit in your New York to do list, beautiful stores and great places to eat.

Finally, the color’s combination, black and navy, it is one of the mixtures that I love, it was trendy times ago, I do not really think it is a fashion trend right now, but I follow my own style and I love this mix a lot.

I hope this can inspire you.

Skirt: Sohung Designers
T-shirt: Zara 
Leather jacket: Zara 
Scarf: Mantas Ezcaray 
Bag: Loewe

Once upon a time a rescued short…

…which I found in a closet last Summer at my parents’ home. It remembers me special things such as, it had been done by my mother when I was 15 years old, and it was a skirt before… so this beautiful short of pure wool is like a treasure. When I tried it, and feel it very comfortable, I decide to keep it. And this Winter, one day I found the way to use it. This nice short has more than 20 years-old…

Another old garment is my scarf, I think you have seen it before in any other outfit, I love it, it is quite old too. In fact, I bought it in 2010 in a return trip Las Vegas, it was great work trip, in which we were “trapped” in New York for a day.

I wish all the life entrapment were like this. Great memories from that special day that I enjoyed with three colleagues, it was magical. Besides that, I love the scarf, because I like it but also because it remembers me that unforgettable trip. And yes, it was a work trip to remember… that happens when you like your work!

Finally, the sneakers, I bought them in November of last year. It is a very old model of Nike, in fact, the first Cortez were launched in 1971 … so they are new and old at the same time!

I share with you the same outfit with heels, just in case you like it. I think it is a very different combination which can be right for a working day.

Once again, I encourage you to look for those old things that are in your closet and you can find an utility form them.

Sueter: Polo Ralph Laurent 
Short: Hecho por mi madre
Blazer: Fornarina 
Bufanda: Abercrombie & Fitch  
Zapatillas Nike Cortez.
Zapatos: Audley 


Once upon a time dress with trouser…

I want to share with you this outfit, I like a lot this idea to combine dress with pant. I didn´t know this is becoming a fashion style. And this Summer, I bought a special hoodie which I wear like a dress, and like a sweater with a jean. I have used in both ways, because I like to give different choices to the same garments.

Last week, we have a work party, and one friend of mine suggested me this look. In fact, she lent me the “dress”. So, I combined this item with a leather pants creating a very bold outfit. You can create very diverse options, breaking the color block, using different pants or dress, even mixing textures and so on-

I encourage you to create your own style.

Dress: Urban Classic
Leather Pant. Zara
Bag: Hoss 
Peep toes: Uterqüe

Just changing your footwear…

For these Autumn days with Summer temperatures, in which we do not know what we can wear, I find the solution in some basic garments. So I share with you this outfit, with white tee and dark jeans, as I think is basic and really useful if you want to create different styles.

In the first picture, I decide to mix with sneakers, by the way this is my favorite sneakers style for Summer, really fresh and comfortable. I was wearing like cover a blue jean jacket.

The second style, I combined these basics with a women blucher. I find this super original, their construction with open panels, is doing them very unique. Like cover in this case I chose a black blazer, creating a more casual outfit, which is also able as working outfit if your dress code is not too much dressy.

The last one, with heels, of course. I add a belt with a laze to give feminine style. As cover I took a leather jacket, to give more modern and fresh style. If you chose a black blazer you can also wear like working outfit.

So, that is all, I hope you like it, and look for your basics into your wardrobe to create very different outfits just changing your footwear.

 Basics: Tee: Uniqlo Jeans: Levi´s
Outfit 1: Sneakers: Nike Flyknit Racer  
Outfit 2: Blucher: And Other Stories
Outfit 2: Stiletto: Paul Smith

Rebels, The Hip Tee

Rebel, like the t-shirt, I like its message and I love the fringes, even they are on fashion or not, I am fringes lover, so I am wearing because of that.

Here I share with you 3 different ideas with this t-shirt, from The Hip Tee. One of them is with a short jean, which I have cut by myself, with my black Converse, getting some informal style.

Another option, with sneakers and black jeans, I chose black for the pants as I consider more harmonic. This is the most easier outfit.

Finally, the one I like more, pencil skirt and heels. Regarding the skirt, it is from Zara, and it is quite old, it has many years… but it has become one of my basics in the back of my wardrobe.  As I want to give more dressed style even the tee, I selected some sandals with heels, and then I used this outfit for a working day.

Once again I hope you can get some ideas, and the most important, I would like to encourage you to wear whatever you want to wear, even if it is the most fashionable garment or not…


Outfit 1: T-shirt: The Hip Tee; Skirt: Zara
Outfit 2: T-shirt: The Hip Tee; Short: Diesel; Zapatillas: Converse
Outfit 1: T-shirt: The Hip Tee; Jeans: G-Star; Zapatillas: Nike

Like in a Wedding

One of my favorites hobbies is imaging clothes and tailor them. Usually, some ideas coming to my mind are quite special, and it is not easy to wear them in the day to day. So, I take advantage when I have to go to some distinct events, to imagine what I would like to wear, and then, create it.

Related to this dress, I took inspiration from Giambattista Vali, I love the femininity of their designs, and the definition of their patterns, remarking the woman shapes.

Regarding the fabric, I choose silk organza with floral print. I am a flowers lover, and the wedding was in September so, this type of motifs is still a good choice, in addition I consider this prints really dynamics. These floral textile search was a challenge, because the style was not able to tailor in all type of fabrics, so I went to Julián Lopez in Madrid, and I found my fabric really quick, it was love at first sight.

Therefore, here you can see some dress pictures, not only with the idea to inspire you but also, and more important, to demonstrate yourself that you can do whatever you want to do, just do it!

Let me encourage you to discover those desires you have inside your heart, because sometimes, we do not allow ourselves to develop them. With the time, you realize when you do it, you feel so happy!

Dress: ModaModaE 
Shoes: Christian Dior
Bag: Parfois

Timeless Summer blouses

As I have already told you, I like to buy some garments which has long life even I have to pay a little bit more. I think this pieces are like an investment, and if you choose well, you can dress different and trendy although these pieces are not your last purchase. I like to reinvent your outfits with some imagination, old clothes, and seasonal cheap or more expensive pieces, that you can include from time to time. … this outfit is an example, there is a bit of everything… Today I wanted to tell you about the shirt.

This blouse is about 7 years old, when I bought it I never thought that I would wear every summer. It is really simple:  white linen knotted on the back with a pair of ropes, fresh, comfortable and easy to put. Other important point, it can be used wrinkled, so this is important to keep in mind, as it is easy to bring with you for travelling and do not need too much room. Super usefull for the summer!

The brand is Marithé François Girbaud, a French brand that has for a long time been one of my favorite brands. For the last two years they do not produce any collection, however it looks like they start with new collections again, cross fingers.

Their designs are different and very special, they respect their own style, which make them a timeless brand. When you bought a garment from MFG you knew that it could be for many years, and actually here we have an example. But if you want to find a similar piece you can find it in Zara, as these Season they launch similar things, open backs, ropes and light fabrics.

Again, the aim is to share ideas and, from time to time, encourage you to get basic garments and good quality clothes, which you can reuse for a long time. These purchases are good for our economy and of course for  the environment  😉


Blouse: Marithé François Girbaud 
Jeans. G- Star
Shoes: Chie MIhara

Bluse or sweater?

I wanted to share this top, because it is one of those interested garments you can find sometimes in Zara. Usually you need to go to some original and more expensive brand to find something like this.

This top looks like a sweatshirt or a blouse. Its price is super reasonable and cannot be more original. From the fabrics’ mixture to the blend of colors and styles.

If you see the back is a blouse, with cupro fabric. I love this material, not only for the litheness of the garment, but also for the softness provided when it gets in touch with your body. It is a super nice sensation and very cool style. In addition, as I share with you in a previous post cupro is eco – friendly fabric.

The front is like a cotton sweatshirt, which is giving a very sporty look. The color: blue marine, it is another factor that contributes to making this outfit different. Finally, the sleeves with cupro textile and some ruffles provide the final touch, it is great as flyers are so fashionable this season.

I have combined with heels, but perfectly also with black or even navy slippers. I chose some high-heeled shoes because I love the mix of style. The sport that gives the sweatshirt, with the dressy touch that provides cupro fabric, because its appearance is similar to silk. I love with heels as it is creating a disruptive style.

The shoes are from Chie Mihara, one of my favorite shoe designers, high quality leather, particular designs and  also very comfortable.

¿What do you think about the outfit?

Blouse: Zara Women 
Jeans. G- Star
Shoes: Chie MIhara


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