By Lowla!

How magic is the life!  I have a beautiful example about that with this headdress. When Eva, Lowla’s designer said to me: “I have on my mind the headdress you do wear in your brother’s wedding.

I am not using to wear headdress at weddings, so I thought: “if I do not dare to wear it, what will I say to Eva?… “.

Eva asked me for a piece of cloth of the dress, I gave her the biggest cutting I have, but even though it was really small, so my thinking was: “I do not really know what it is possible to do with that small piece of fabric…”.

But, something magical happened, when Eva brought me the first test of the headdress, I was speechless!

She is very careful about details as those little things make the difference, and she has a special art to design and create these small artistic treasures, in fact, she was telling me all the time: “I am visualizing you with these headdress, trust me…”

It was the first time I was going to wear an accessory on my head, but it has been very special for me, indeed I felt it was mimicking with the dress, and I was really happy.

Everything was great, and that is what happens when you let things be. Magic does not stop surprising you, and life gives you more than you would never have imagined.

Thanks Eva for so much love!

 Headdress: By Lowla

Le Coccoline

I want to share with you the happiness of receiving special present like this, and specially coming from a pretty special person.

I would like to explain you also the history about these original things. Which I love for several reasons. One of those, the materials, they are made with Liberty fabrics. I love Liberty prints, as they are colorful and very dynamic. In some occasion I share with you their history. I highly recommend you visit Liberty store if you are in London.

Another reason they are hand made in Spain by Le Coccoline. Carolina is the name of this Spanish girl who is designing and creating each bag with love and great perfection.

Finally, just let you know you can order your Coccoline, you can check in Instagram the wide range of prints she has. I have order some Coccolines for my Christmas presents.

Great items made with love which are really beautiful and useful.

Happy Xmas!

Le Coccoline

Special Scents

Back into the routine, I would like to share with you one of the amazing discoveries of this Easter Holidays. Going around Tarifa to do some shopping we found Me Quieres, a wonderful shop where the retail experience is remarkable thanks to Bea, the kind owner of this great store.You can find singular brands from Europe or USA with special clothes, shoes bags and other accessories.

I will share with you more about this store soon, as is well worth visiting if you go to Tarifa. . But today I start with one of my purchases. It is this perfume oil, for those who know me know that I am a perfume lover, and when I smell this one I fell in love with it.

It is from RAGDOLL, an American brand from Los Angeles. It has really beautiful garments and accessories and this perfume is like an important piece of its collection. It is not easy to find in Spain, however you can find it in Tarifa.

It is handmade with natural ingredients ant it has a very pleasant smell; it is a kind of warm wood and sweet undertone, providing a suggestive softness.

Some curiosity about perfumes is the unconscious influence which aromas are producing in our memories and moods; in fact aromatherapy is now coming into vogue.

Regarding this perfume oil the three key components are sandalwood, amber and musk.Some interests about these three ingredients which can activate sensations and emotions are the following:

  • Sandalwood, of Indian origin, it increases clam and harmony and attracts positive energy. It provides perfumes the woody taste.
  • Amber, it enhances the sense of peace and comfort, increases creativity and also has attributed aphrodisiac properties.
  • Musk, as curiosity, let share its origin, from a substance that is secreted by musk deer gland.  However nowadays synthetic musks are being increasingly used, they imitate the natural ones giving smoother aroma. Highlight musk is characterized by its sensual and appeal features.

As summary I would say this perfume has a very special and singular smell.

Here you have the links of Me Quieres store location and Ragdoll website, where you can check the awesome collection of this American brand which you can find in Tarifa.


XXL Scarf

This is what I did with the ball of XXL wool… a beautiful scarf.

I believe it is a great idea for you to do. It is very easy to knit, as you can make it with your hands and you do not need needles at all. In addition, it is really quick to get your scarf ready; you need less than one hour.

Related to the wool, it is 100% Merino Australian wool, which is one of the most appreciated wool for its quality, softness and ability to maintain body heat. It is also quite delicate, and with this XXL size design you must be extremely careful.

In relation to washing, it requires special care. However, this wool has several differences compared with other Merino wools, whether Australian or not. It is a result of its manufacturing process, which is slightly different to the standard one. It has gone through several processes of washing and degreasing, which make it so special. Then you can wash machine with cold water. And any other distinctive that for me it is very important: it does not smell like a sheep!

I bought it in Lanas Gato Negro, and they explained to me all this particularities, and in addition, even though the origin of the wool is from Australia, it has been manufactured in Spain.

It weighs a little bit but it is very hot, it does not scratch at all, and is super tasty. It exists in several colors; in this link Lanas Gato Negro you can find all the options they have, and also you can watch some videos about how to make it. It is super easy, believe me!!!

I am now thinking about the blanket … maybe for the next winter!!!

Wool: Lanas Gato Negro                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Special Underwear

I love this bralette, designed by Christina Leonor, with Swedish origin and based in Milan, she is crafting very special pieces, where the minimalism from her home country is mixed with the Italian stylish.

She creates luxurious lingerie pieces, using the finest laces and high quality organic silk, combining perfectly seduction and elegance. Important highlight that her brand is taking care about using sustainable sources in designs conceived with close attention to details.

I am not embroidery lover for underwear, but I fall in love with this collection, as these pieces successfully combine simplicity with sensuality… in addition, let me tell you these set is fitting impeccably. I think all is said.

Finally share with you I discovered this brand in Popi & Hafner, it is a very singular store located in Las Las Letras Quarter, in Madrid. It is a place which is well worth visiting. Brands in Popi are super special and the item selection you can find there is really fabulous.

Bralette: Christina Leonor


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