My grandma’s sweater

Once more time, I am recycling, so lastly, I am going to be an authentic “recycler”. This time it is about a woolen pullover which meets the requirements to be 100% vintage. It has been made by my grandmother 25 years ago, and it is in perfect conditions.

I am not really a trends follower, as you know, I follow trends that I love and that are fitting with my body and my style, and I am a pullovers lover, so it was the ideal time to look for this sweater  and use it again.

I can remember perfectly my grandmother knitting this pullover, she made it also for my brothers. I cannot use them because they are really small 😥 

So, I share with you this fantastic outfit thanks to my grandma, who left treasures like this. So, my intention it is invite you to recycle and create new outfits with some hidden items in your wardrobe.


Sweater: sweater made by my Grandmother
Jeans: Levi’s 
Sneakers : Nike 

Navy & Black

Simple outfit I wanted to share with you as many friends ask me to do it.

Starting by shoes, as they are the origin of the outfit. The navy upper with some black print and small ornament in green are doing a basic shoe easy to wear with basics colors as black or navy, at least for me navy is a basic…

It is not only basic because the colors, but also because the style. These shoes are really comfortable, small heel and wide last, it seems you are wearing sneakers…

The trousers are a basic of Zara, that I bought 3 years ago, and the t-shirt another basic from Uniqlo, made with a great cotton quality, by the way they have already opened Madrid store, recommended visit, you can find basic garments at good prices.

Last, but not least, the bag, it is giving some color at the outfit. This is an special bag style, I love Lupo’s bags, and this one called abanico is my favorite.

Once again, I hope this can inspire you.

Trousers: Zara  
T-shirt. Uniqlo 
Bag: Lupo
Shoes: Chie Mihara

Bonita del Norte

T- shirts, are that garment that you can wear with shorts, pants, jeans, skirts or miniskirts, also with sneakers, sandals, heels, stilettos or blucher, or with any type of jacket, blazer or sweater… Not all tees are able to use with any of these clothes, but the one I am sharing with you, is perfect for any outfit.

It is a basic white tee, but it is different. The message is very singular, mainly if you are from the North of Spain. For me it is special, not only because I am from the North, but also because it was a friend’s present for my birthday. My friend is who is friend of this t-shirt designer, Elsa Poveda.

I leave you the link where you can read a little bit more about Elsa.



Tee: Bonita del Norte by Elsa Poveda
Ouffit 1: Trousers: Zara; sneakers: Nike   
Outfit 2:.Skirt: Maje, Sandals: Les Tropeziennes 
Shoes: Chie MIhara

Cupro blouse, the eco-friendly fabric

I told you about cupro time ago, in this link you can read a little bit more about this wonderful fabric.I love it for several reasons, it is a recycled material, it is really easy to wear, it is breathability and freshness.

So, I share with you a black and white outfit with some of my favorites garments, the blouse and the sneakers.

Starting for the blouse, it has been made with cupro fabric, and I love the big sleeves with the embroidery. It is from Zara, and it is great that big companies like Inditex Group, has this commitment with the environment.

The sneakers are one of my favorite Nike styles, Flyknit Racer, right now Nike does not produce it any more, however there are very similar models, but you know I follow my own fashion… ?

Finally, this jean, is a Calcedonia basic pant, but it stylizes body shape a lot, so I highly recommend you try it.

That is all! I hope that you find this article useful.


Blouse: Zara
Jeans. Calzedonia
Sneakers: Nike

Cheap & Chic

I get some compliments each time I wear these garments, and that is the reason I want to share with you. It is a very simple and cheap outfit, easy to wear and chic and the same time.

Starting from tank top, is a basic H&M cotton top, which a small ornament in the neckline, is so small than you can even appreciate.

Following by the shorts, it is an old Levi´s jean, which I converted into short last Summer.

Finally, the transparent blouse, dress or whatever you want to call it, I bought it in Zara two Summers ago, it is comfortable, fresh, very original, and cheap.

That is all for today, I hope this can be useful for you.


 Blouse: Zara Women 
Jeans. Levi´s 
Tank. H&M
Sandals: Les Tropeziennes

Summer dress

I want to share with you fresh and light garments for these hot Summer days, like this dress with lemons, just the print gives me a freshness sensation.

This dress has a story which all women have lived at any time. I bought it 3 years ago in a town on the coast, I saw it in the window of a small shop when I was going to the beach. So in the afternoon I went to do some shopping, actually I was looking for this dress 😉 , and of course I bought it!. It was a really great purchase, I am still using, it is freshness and really comfortable. The brand  is called Mythe Clothing

About the sandals I have another short story, these were from a friend of mine, she gave me last Summer, and I am in love with them. I share with you the link of the brand, where you can find not only this style, called Ibizas, but also other beautiful designs. The web is called Alohassandals

Finally, the bag, I bought it 5 years ago, and I have to say that Lupo is always creating very original bags with high quality. I love this style because it is quite special, and the design is amazing. In the web of Lupo you can appreciate the fantastic bag collections they have.

Enjoy the Summer!

Dress: Mythe Clothing 
Sandals: Alohas
Bag: Lupo

Lady Cortez

Cortez, classic sneaker on trend again, as only Nike can do it!  and my Cortez is the perfect example, it is not from seventies, and it is not from this or last season. It is about 10 years ago. Which demonstrate that Cortez has been always “the sneaker”.

I consider this style, one of the best sneakers to wear with skirts or dresses, its slim and stylish design makes Cortez a very feminine and beautiful sneaker for ladies.

Here is the outfit, some basic garments, and the historic Cortez. It is historic not only because Nike create a style full of personality, which is still alive, but also because the film, Forrest Gump. We are still remembering phrases like: “mum said you can know about people for the shoes they wear”, and it is very true, shoes say about us more than we think…


Blouse: Ambali
Jeans: Levi’s
Sneakers: Nike Cortez

Spanish Style Kimono

I wanted to share with you this blazer, as I love it.

I like the style, it has a very typical Spanish influence thru the embroidery, which brings inspiration from mantón de Manila. Also, the design, it is amazing the mix between kimono shape with very Spanish floral style print, thus becoming a casual garment.

Another important thing; the brand is Zara. That makes easy to buy, and brings the possibility to get garments which will be not easy to buy if you get the traditional ones, as they are hand made with silk.

So, this are the main reasons I desired to share this with you. If you are lovers of this Spanish style, this is the opportunity to get one special garment with a beautiful design at the best price you will find ever.  😉

I hope you like it!

Blazer: Zara Women 
Jeans. Levis
Peep toes: Coclico

Ioanna Kourbela, original Greek designer!

I want to share with you this special sweater from Ioanna Kourbela, Greek designer, which I discovered last Autumn, during a travel to Athens.

I consider this sweater a very original garment, because of it shape, creative design and the fabric. The cotton used for this piece is great as it is an optimal material for almost all seasons. During Spring with a light tank, or even in Winter, with a warmer tee below.

I bought this sweater together with cardigan, both made with the same fabric, and about the cardigan, you can wear in hundreds of ways. When the weather is nice I will share with you some of these original and fun positions.

Here you have the link to Ioanna Kourbela’s web, where you can buy on line their original pieces, or enjoy different ideas about some garments´ position.

I hope this help you.

Sweater: Ioanna Kourbela 
Leather pants: Zara Woman  
Boots: Chie MIhara

Black & Navy

Happy to share with you this outfit, I love this skirt, it is quite special for me. Raw material is neoprene, and I found it not only original but also versatile. The surprise is that it is not only a skirt, you can use it like a cape with a blazer or jacket. Also, you can wear like strapless top with a beautiful belt and your jeans.

The brand Sohung Designs, Tom, the designer, born in Asia, he studied in NYC, where you can buy their collections. So, if you go to New York, I recommended you visit Chelsea market, you could find a small shop of Sohung into the market and buy there some of their original garments.

I said you I recommend you visit Chelsea market, but I would like to say it is a visit in your New York to do list, beautiful stores and great places to eat.

Finally, the color’s combination, black and navy, it is one of the mixtures that I love, it was trendy times ago, I do not really think it is a fashion trend right now, but I follow my own style and I love this mix a lot.

I hope this can inspire you.

Skirt: Sohung Designers
T-shirt: Zara 
Leather jacket: Zara 
Scarf: Mantas Ezcaray 
Bag: Loewe

Once upon a time a rescued short…

…which I found in a closet last Summer at my parents’ home. It remembers me special things such as, it had been done by my mother when I was 15 years old, and it was a skirt before… so this beautiful short of pure wool is like a treasure. When I tried it, and feel it very comfortable, I decide to keep it. And this Winter, one day I found the way to use it. This nice short has more than 20 years-old…

Another old garment is my scarf, I think you have seen it before in any other outfit, I love it, it is quite old too. In fact, I bought it in 2010 in a return trip Las Vegas, it was great work trip, in which we were “trapped” in New York for a day.

I wish all the life entrapment were like this. Great memories from that special day that I enjoyed with three colleagues, it was magical. Besides that, I love the scarf, because I like it but also because it remembers me that unforgettable trip. And yes, it was a work trip to remember… that happens when you like your work!

Finally, the sneakers, I bought them in November of last year. It is a very old model of Nike, in fact, the first Cortez were launched in 1971 … so they are new and old at the same time!

I share with you the same outfit with heels, just in case you like it. I think it is a very different combination which can be right for a working day.

Once again, I encourage you to look for those old things that are in your closet and you can find an utility form them.

Sueter: Polo Ralph Laurent 
Short: Hecho por mi madre
Blazer: Fornarina 
Bufanda: Abercrombie & Fitch  
Zapatillas Nike Cortez.
Zapatos: Audley 


Reinventing the closet

I love mixing styles, old and new garments. Here any other recycled outfit, as all the garments are at least 3 years old. So, with this post I would like to give you some ideas for mixing your items, and enhance you recycle. It will be nice also for protecting environment.

I will focus in a couple of matters. Form one side, the blazer, as I believe it is doing very stylish this outfit with sneakers. It is from The Extreme Collection, it is old, but they have very similar and beautiful collections.

I recommend you visit this Spanish brand, manufactured in Madrid. They crate garments with high-quality fabrics and great designs which are very well tailored.

From the other side, I would like to remark the garments overlapping with the blue marine cardigan and the blazer with a Nike sneakers. This Nike sneakers are one of my favorite styles. These shoes are also old, this design is not available any more, however you can find similar sneakers with retro style, such us Internationalist. I love them too!

I hope I have been able to inspire you.

Blazer. The Extreme Collection
Sneakers: Nike Premontreal Racer

Just changing your footwear…

For these Autumn days with Summer temperatures, in which we do not know what we can wear, I find the solution in some basic garments. So I share with you this outfit, with white tee and dark jeans, as I think is basic and really useful if you want to create different styles.

In the first picture, I decide to mix with sneakers, by the way this is my favorite sneakers style for Summer, really fresh and comfortable. I was wearing like cover a blue jean jacket.

The second style, I combined these basics with a women blucher. I find this super original, their construction with open panels, is doing them very unique. Like cover in this case I chose a black blazer, creating a more casual outfit, which is also able as working outfit if your dress code is not too much dressy.

The last one, with heels, of course. I add a belt with a laze to give feminine style. As cover I took a leather jacket, to give more modern and fresh style. If you chose a black blazer you can also wear like working outfit.

So, that is all, I hope you like it, and look for your basics into your wardrobe to create very different outfits just changing your footwear.

 Basics: Tee: Uniqlo Jeans: Levi´s
Outfit 1: Sneakers: Nike Flyknit Racer  
Outfit 2: Blucher: And Other Stories
Outfit 2: Stiletto: Paul Smith

Rebels, The Hip Tee

Rebel, like the t-shirt, I like its message and I love the fringes, even they are on fashion or not, I am fringes lover, so I am wearing because of that.

Here I share with you 3 different ideas with this t-shirt, from The Hip Tee. One of them is with a short jean, which I have cut by myself, with my black Converse, getting some informal style.

Another option, with sneakers and black jeans, I chose black for the pants as I consider more harmonic. This is the most easier outfit.

Finally, the one I like more, pencil skirt and heels. Regarding the skirt, it is from Zara, and it is quite old, it has many years… but it has become one of my basics in the back of my wardrobe.  As I want to give more dressed style even the tee, I selected some sandals with heels, and then I used this outfit for a working day.

Once again I hope you can get some ideas, and the most important, I would like to encourage you to wear whatever you want to wear, even if it is the most fashionable garment or not…


Outfit 1: T-shirt: The Hip Tee; Skirt: Zara
Outfit 2: T-shirt: The Hip Tee; Short: Diesel; Zapatillas: Converse
Outfit 1: T-shirt: The Hip Tee; Jeans: G-Star; Zapatillas: Nike

Flower Power Dress

I am happy to share this dress for several reason.

First of all, it is that it has been a resounding success in the office. Not only the floral print, but also the style. It is a t-shirt dress quite different as the volume in the bottom is giving it a very feminine touch. In addition, it is very comfortable and useful, and of course, something that I love, with pockets.

Another reason, you can buy it at great price, it is from Zara´s new collection. It is one of those styles that belongs to middle season collections, so they are not producing a lot of units, then I guess it is not going to be too much time in store. My advice if you like it, but it.

Finally, I share with you a couple of ideas about how maximize this Autumn. In the picture I am wearing with sandals like a Summer look, as here, the weather is still allowing Summer clothes. And I consider to wear with boots as good choice for some “cold” days, let say Spanish cold. And of course, one of my favorite outfits is going to be with sneakers, giving a more informal touch.

I hope this help you!


Dress: Zara Women 
Bag: Biba
Sandals: Les Tropeziennes

Vintage and handmade by my mom!

Reusing again, I always encourage you do it. This time it is not only about recycling, but also about doing whatever you like to do. This time, this is about design and create your own garments.

Let me share with you this simple outfit:  jean and blouse.

Starting from the jean, it is my favorite right now, I bought this Levi´s one year ago, and I love it. In the link you can see  another outfit with the same jean

Regarding the blouse, cotton fabric with blue and green squares drawing. It is quite old; it came from my mother’s old closet. It is handmade from herself and it is really super vintage, as she was wearing when she was 30 years old. That is why I always encourage you to search and reuse old pieces.

Lastly, a short note about this great heel sandals, which are the most comfortable sandals I have never had. The brand is Vialis, super nice Spanish footwear brand. And of course the bag, it is from Lupo and this style is called abanico, it is one of my favorites bags.

I hope this inspire you to do what you want.

Blouse: Handmade by my mom
Jeans. Levi´s
Sandalias: Vialis
Bag: Lupo

Special garments

Trying to define this garment, I would say it is a sweater, however I love to wear it like a dress. In fact, I wear like that, with a short jean which you can see, and in this way it looks like a dress.

The typical use is like a sweater with jeans and some shoes, sneakers or even heels. Actually, I am thinking on using it with some tights and sneakers this coming Winter.

I share this clothes for several reasons. First of all, I consider really original, even it is a sweater, the pleating neck and the ruffles at the bottom with this transparent fabric, are giving some special touch to this garment.

Another reason, it is the multiple uses and styles you can get with this sweater depending your footwear, or even your jeans.

And the most important motive is it was a great purchase. I bought it in New York at Century 21, and I highly recommend you visit this department store if you go to NYC.  In this shopping center you can find very original and special garments, shoes and bags from great designers at this store at really good prices, in fact this is like an outlet in the middle of this amazing city.

Concretely this garment is from Maison Martin Margiela, but you can find special pieces of hundreds of designers. I recommend you go shopping here. You do not regret this visit.


Sweater: Maison Martin Margiela
Jeans. Calzedonia
Sandals: Paul Smith

My T-Shirt of penguin

I share with you one of my favorite sport outfits within last Spring, also useful for those Summer days in which weather is not so good.

I love to create special combination with basic garments, which we all have in our wardrobe: jeans, sneakers and t-shirt. In this case sneakers and t-shirt are doing the outfit different.

The sneakers belong to Macaron Collection; it was launched last Spring. The pastel colors of this pack was inspired on the typical French sweet biscuit. It was a successful pack as they were sold out in a couple of weeks.

Related to T-Shirt, I love it for several reasons. White color items are basics, the material is cotton, comfortable and easy wear. And I am totally in love with its original design, different levels in the front vs the back, which is open and laced on the waist with a very special tail end.

Just to add that this T-shirt is from last Zara collection, so the price is great. Zara surprised me this Spring Summer collection as they are developing very special and original garments at really good prices. Actually to find this type of items you must look for in more expensive brands.

I hope this can be useful.


T-Shirt: Zara
Jeans. Calzedonia
Sneakers: Nike Flyknit Racer

Swimsuit or body?

Back to routine, we still have some Summer days to enjoy, so here you can see a swimwear suit. It has been a success item this season. You can find it at Women’s Secret, it belongs to Amaya Salamanca’s swimwear collection.

I share with you as I consider a great garment for several reasons. First of all, great quality with really good price, raw material is super smooth and lycra quality looks really resistant. Secondly the design, I love it as I like ruffles a lot, and also its back, it is quite high converting this swimwear suit in a body.

You can also see the outfit using the swimwear suit like a body, I mix with a short jean, totally vintage, as I pull out from my child clothes.  Sandals are an absolute must, really comfortable and you can wear with all your daily Summer outfits. The brand is Alohas, here the web, where you can have a look.

Regarding the bag, I just can say awesome. The bag design allows you to wear everywhere. The quality is fantastic. I love this type of leather that looks old, but beautiful. The brand is Nº2, I bought it in Me Quieres Tarifa, highly recommended store, where you can find very special garments and complements.  I will share with you more info about this lovely store soon.

Once again, I hope this inspire you.

Swimwear suit: Woman´s Secret
Jeans. Levi’s ( vintage)
Sandals: Alohas

Timeless Summer blouses

As I have already told you, I like to buy some garments which has long life even I have to pay a little bit more. I think this pieces are like an investment, and if you choose well, you can dress different and trendy although these pieces are not your last purchase. I like to reinvent your outfits with some imagination, old clothes, and seasonal cheap or more expensive pieces, that you can include from time to time. … this outfit is an example, there is a bit of everything… Today I wanted to tell you about the shirt.

This blouse is about 7 years old, when I bought it I never thought that I would wear every summer. It is really simple:  white linen knotted on the back with a pair of ropes, fresh, comfortable and easy to put. Other important point, it can be used wrinkled, so this is important to keep in mind, as it is easy to bring with you for travelling and do not need too much room. Super usefull for the summer!

The brand is Marithé François Girbaud, a French brand that has for a long time been one of my favorite brands. For the last two years they do not produce any collection, however it looks like they start with new collections again, cross fingers.

Their designs are different and very special, they respect their own style, which make them a timeless brand. When you bought a garment from MFG you knew that it could be for many years, and actually here we have an example. But if you want to find a similar piece you can find it in Zara, as these Season they launch similar things, open backs, ropes and light fabrics.

Again, the aim is to share ideas and, from time to time, encourage you to get basic garments and good quality clothes, which you can reuse for a long time. These purchases are good for our economy and of course for  the environment  😉


Blouse: Marithé François Girbaud 
Jeans. G- Star
Shoes: Chie MIhara

Special Garments

Simple but different outfit. Simple because jeans with sneakers are always like basic and easy to wear. Different because this top is giving a special touch and quite original style.

Actually, getting a definition for this top is not really easy. It can be a long sleeve shirt or a sweater. Let’s just say it is a little bit weird. However, it is one of those garments that when I see I cannot resist to buy, I love so much its originality and of course its great price.


What makes this garment different is not only the mixture of styles, but also the mix of fabrics. On one hand, the white piece that conforms the central part of the garment is cotton, hollow and short waist. On the other hand, the sleeves, typical fabric and print of a gentleman’s shirt, but these sleeves have something really creative, because they are open from the elbow to the wrist and with ruffles among this openness, something that is fully on trend this Season.

My company allows me to dress with sneakers, so that is why I dress them with many of my daily outfits, and I try to wear different and original top garments to turn a sport outfit into something more casual. I choose these Nike Internationalist Liberty Edition, it has small flowers, I like the mix between this floral print in the sneakers and a top with ruffles and striped gentlemen shirt.

I would simply like to add some ideas for this top, such us high waist jeans with heel, or white wide trousers in linen fabric with esparto wedges for some hot days. Even you can wear with short with sandals for a fresh and sport look.

I hope this can inspire you.

Shirt: Zara Women 
Jeans. Levi’s
Sneakers: Nike Internationalist Liberty

Bluse or sweater?

I wanted to share this top, because it is one of those interested garments you can find sometimes in Zara. Usually you need to go to some original and more expensive brand to find something like this.

This top looks like a sweatshirt or a blouse. Its price is super reasonable and cannot be more original. From the fabrics’ mixture to the blend of colors and styles.

If you see the back is a blouse, with cupro fabric. I love this material, not only for the litheness of the garment, but also for the softness provided when it gets in touch with your body. It is a super nice sensation and very cool style. In addition, as I share with you in a previous post cupro is eco – friendly fabric.

The front is like a cotton sweatshirt, which is giving a very sporty look. The color: blue marine, it is another factor that contributes to making this outfit different. Finally, the sleeves with cupro textile and some ruffles provide the final touch, it is great as flyers are so fashionable this season.

I have combined with heels, but perfectly also with black or even navy slippers. I chose some high-heeled shoes because I love the mix of style. The sport that gives the sweatshirt, with the dressy touch that provides cupro fabric, because its appearance is similar to silk. I love with heels as it is creating a disruptive style.

The shoes are from Chie Mihara, one of my favorite shoe designers, high quality leather, particular designs and  also very comfortable.

¿What do you think about the outfit?

Blouse: Zara Women 
Jeans. G- Star
Shoes: Chie MIhara

Black & White

Black and white, timeless combination. You can wear it at any time of the year.Actually, white pants are more typical for Spring or Summer season, so during Winter I usually wear this type of outfit in the other way around, black pants and white shirt…

However, let me give you some tips about this outfit. It is a very simple idea which well combined can be original.

Black blouse in silk fabric, this is one of those basics that we always have in our wardrobe. In fact, this one has few years. I bought it when I was living in Paris in a special French brand, Maje. Fortunately, you can find now easily in most of the countries, and if not you can buy on line.

What turns this shirt into a different basic is its collar with some ruffles. I freak out! In addition, now is on fashion. Even though, I do say that on trend or not, I would wear anyway. I consider ruffles very feminine and also perhaps very Spanish and I think they never pass, of course as long as they are not too excessive.

I consider this blouse supper useful, as it is very multifunctional. You can wear outside or inside your skirts and pants. Sometimes, I have wear outside with jeans and sneakers, as today, or with high boots and leggings in winter. And I have also dress inside my trousers and moccasins, or with a high waist skirt and heels, which is also very girlish.

With or without ruffles, I encourage you to have in your wardrobe some basic garments with some special details. This type of clothes is always ready to help you to complete an outfit, more sport or dressier but with a feminine and original touch, which will do your outfit basic but special.

Regarding the white jeans, it is a push up from Calzedonia. I will not invest too much in this type of pants, as I have done several times, and finally I get always the same conclusion, they become to lose the authentic color… as white is losing their whiteness with the time. This Calzedonia jean is fantastic, the fit is perfect and the price great.

Related to the sneakers, and let me say these are “the sneakers”. Those who know me a little bit, can confirm these are my favorite sneakers. Nike Flyknit Racer, also called Oreo, like cookies, for the mixture between black and white.

There are several reasons why I am in love with this model. They are super comfortable because the fact of being built with a single knit piece, is giving an extra adaptability. Ultra-light as they are created to run short distances with an amazing technology and lightness. Besides all, it is a very feminine style by its soft lines and stylized design. Last week I used them in a black dress and the whole was a success.

I hope it inspires you!


 Blouse: Maje
Jeans. Calzedonia
Sneakers: Nike Flyknit Racer

Rains, special Danish raincoats

This “long weekend” break is bringing rain,  so I share with you a sport and comfortable outfit with this pretty raincoat and one amazing bag, which is giving a nice touch to this casual style.

Related to the raincoat, it comes from a Danish brand called Rains, as its very name indicates, they are exclusively dedicated to designing this type of waterproof garments. The fabric is fantastic as you will keep totally dry. In addition, when you are walking it does not make noise, and this is a very appreciate feature in this type of garments.

I love also this raincoat design, keeping functionality and style.It has some special details, such as some cuts and finishing, which provide a very feminine elegance. At the same time, its comfortable fabrics is doing this garment able not only for rainy days but also for some fresh days during Spring or Autumn.

Last but not least, the wide colors offer allows you to choose more formal and dressy colors or more informal and casual. I love this pastel yellow, keeping the essence of the typical yellow raincoat, these color tone makes it absolutely feminine, and of course, much more casual than the regular yellow raincoat.

I leave you Rains webside link. If you are in Madrid, I highly recommend you visit Popi & Hafner store. You can find this raincoat there in a wide range of colors and any other great garments which you will want to buy.

Regarding to the bag, as I said at the beginning of this article, it provides a very distinctive aspect at this outfit. The bag is offering an elegant touch at the same time that the raincoat keeps the casual style.

The bag brand is LUPO, and this model is called “abanico”, it is one of their icons. “Abanico” is a very Spanish word, I could say “fan” in English, however it is not a right translation.I have to confess this is one of my favorite bag style, I love it in all its versions, shoulder bag, hand bag or back bag. Its leather quality is top and, as I told you, its design is really special. In addition, it never goes out of fashion, indeed I have this one for several years.

LUPO has stores in Barcelona, but if you are not there, you can see and follow them through their webside, totally advisable.

I wish you a happy long weekend!!

Raincoat: Rains
Sneakers: Nike Internationalist

Springtime dress

I love fashion, but I follow it on my way. That means, if something is on trend and it does not fit me well, I will always try to do not have on my wardrobe. So I feel lucky when something is fashionable, nice and I feel comfortable wearing it.

Then this season I have that fortune, because they are on vogue a lot of pretty and cute trends, such as ruffles, colorful stripes, polka dots, puffed sleeves, high waistlines, red with pink, asymmetries, white, shirt dresses, color block, overlapping garments… and I love all of these trends.

So here I share with you a dress that I love, that is because it has all attributes for being part of my wardrobe, in addition the prices is really good and you can wear on many different styles.

I share with you a couple of choices for this Spring, one option with heels in navy, and the other one with a denim jacket and sneakers. Again my favorite sneakers model, Flyknit Racer in navy and pale blue. This is a very fun Nike style, it is depending on how perspective you are looking at these sneakers, they seem navy or baby blue.

I have a couple of ideas to wear this dress for next Summer. I will mix with heel or plane sandals for any dressier occasion, taking into account this is not a really formal dress. And another possibility it is combine this dress with esparto shoes, either flat or wedge. With this esparto shoes we will give a kind of boho-chic style. I love so much this second choice.

If you like it, you can find it in Zara, so the price it is not a handicap.


 Dress: Zara 
Heels. Audley
Sneakers: NIke Flyknit Racer

Black garments or basics

Dress in black again, using a variety of textiles and fabrics in the garments, and mixing diverse styles to get different flair. This time, I changed sneakers by heels creating a little bit dressy combination, and keeping the fun and harmony essence of this outfit.

The bluse is about cupro fabric, an eco-friendly fiber. For those interested in it, here the post where I explained the characteristics of this fabric, and where you can see another combination choice for this ecological shirt.

The jeans are from Calzedonia, one of the greatest features of these pants is their “push up” effect, thanks to some lateral sewing in the back area, which produces a shaping effect while enhancing the figure. These jeans not only have a phenomenal fitting, but also they are super comfortable. And let me say that their price is great.

Finally the shoes, I choose in green as it is one of my favorite colors. Shoes heel is not too high, and this is helping to keep dressy sport style. They are also quite retro, so I decide to mix with the flowing and wide blouse getting beautiful and stylish look.

The shoes brand is Chie Mihara, one of my favorites shoe designers for many reasons, one of them is the great raw materials quality and the manufacturing process attention. I leave you her webside link, in case you want to know more about her products.

Once again, I hope this can inspire you.


 Blouse: Zara Women 
Jeans. Calzedonia
Shoes: Chie MIhara

Black, neutral and versatile color

Black outfits are always a fantastic choice. Black is a sober and elegant color which shape your body, in addition you can get the style you want, from more casual or minimalist to dressy, it just only depends on how you decide to mix your black garments. And of course, the final touch which will come from shoes and accessories.

I love mixing garments with different fabrics and diverse styles which allow me to create atypical outfits. So here I share with you a casual black outfit with a slight  blue touch in the sneakers.

Knit sweater with batwing sleeves and ruffles, short and cinched at the waist. The sleeves style gives a look quite retro, and the flounces add the feminine elegance. Also being short and adjusted to the waist makes it sexy and cool.

Leather pants, quite tight with some elastane which makes it very comfortable, since it is be very adaptable to the body. Mid waist pants look great with this type of sweater, as it allows the garment to flow perfectly.

Finally the sneakers, Nike Flyknit Racer, it is one of my favorite’s styles. I am in love with the material, the design and the fit, really comfortable, since it is like wearing a sock. For this time, I choose a black and blue sneaker, which mix very nice with the leather pant. These two garments together, lightly reverse the dressy style coming up from the sweater.

If you want to be more formal, you just have to change the sneakers for some black booties or high heels. Booties must be always in black if you want to keep longer legs visual effect. In case of heels you can choose your prefer color, with black it will be more formal, with any other color you will be dynamic and fun style.

Sweater: Karen Millen
Leather pant: Zara Woman
Sneakers: Nike Flyknit Racer

Same garments, different styles…

How same skirt and blouse could seem quite different style? Just change your footwear!

This skirt is one of those garments we all must have in our wardrobe. In fact I have this one for a long time. It is a very basic: black, timeless fabric, high waist, and of course, as key feature: the pockets. In addition, it is from Zara Woman, so even the price is great. It is really basic piece in my wardrobe, I have already populated it in some old post.

The blouse has been made with translucent floral fabric. I love its colorful, cool tone, in my case it is one of the tones which really suits me. But if you feel better in warm tones it is as simple as looking for some garment with your color tones.  Regarding floral print, I think it can be more or less in vogue. However, flowers could be always a basic in your wardrobe if they are moderate. On top of, it is crease free… it is awesome!

This blouse is a very special gift that comes from Argentina; the brand is called Las Pepas. If you visit Buenos Aires, you cannot miss shopping in one of their stores. You can find there beautiful clothes’ collection and really special skin pieces. They design and create leather jackets with different and original styling in a wide colors range. Their capability for customize leather garments in a short time is amazing. If you do not find your selected styles in your prefer color or in your size, they will make it for you. In fact, they made it for me in a couple of times.

Let’s go with the shoes, in one of the outfits I choose black hells, as they are a basic in our wardrobe; in the other one I am wearing sneakers.

I bought this pair of sneakers this winter; it is one of my favorites Nike styles. Those of you who know a little about me, may already know that I have some pairs of this style. These blacks are quite special because the raw material: pony skin, and the shoe manufacture design, giving distinctive look to this special sneakers.

I hope it helps you to think which of your well-dressed outfits can also be mixed with sneakers and then be more casual, and vice versa.


Skirt: Zara
Blouse: Las Pepas
Heels: Coclico
Sneakers: Nike Premontreal Racer

Navy blue almost black

I would say navy blue is like black, I love it as a basic wardrobe color. In addition it is perfect for those who feel more suited with cool tones, it is enhancing facial beauty.These days it is easier to find navy blue garments, even I like reuse and mix old with new clothes.

In this case the jeans are new, high waist, tight, comfortable and really adaptable to different styles and events, I will share some ideas soon.

Cardigan and blouse are 2 years old, and I am predicting long life for both of them, as I consider them like a basic closet garments.

The sneakers are like a treasure for me. These Nikes have 8 years old and they are quite longstanding, its leather quality and wearing comfort keep me stuck to them.

The most curious of this outfit is the belt; it is so old that the brand does not exit any more. I kept it because its leather is really exceptional quality and it brings to me great memories. At that time high waist trousers were fashionable… so now it is easily to reuse.

Again, I invite you to get more navy blue garments in your wardrobe if this is one of the colors that make you look better.

Blouse: Uniqlo
Jacket: Maje
Jeans: Levi´s
Sneakers: Nike Tennis Classic

Mix & Match

Nowadays fashion is totally open to garments and trend mix. This openess is allowing combination of different styles in the same outfit. So today, a masculine trouser can be mix it up with different garments and shoes, even with sneakers.

This is the idea of today’s post, three different styles for the same trouser. I am aware that I am not discovering anything new, but I hope these combinations can give you some ideas…

For the first outfit, I have combined trouser with a blue marine puffed sleeve blouse, it is a very special wool garment which I bought at Ambali, in Paris. Shoes are defining looks, so to complete the look, I chose black stilettos to give a super feminine style.

Like second option, I selected a basic black collar jersey. This time, the combination with masculine shoes is reinforcing the essence and style of this trouser. I love these shoes!!!

Finally, third combination, I could not miss it, with my sneakers, giving a casual and relaxed stylishness. I mix this trouser with a puffed sleeves blouse to get more formal touch, then if you can wear a casual look on Friday, you can use it. Another option could be with a cotton T-shirt, but maybe is not suitable to work.

So, now start to mix!!! 😉

Trouser: Zara

Outfit 1: Top : Ambali Paris, Stilettos: Paul Smith Shoes
Oufit 2: Jersey: Intropía, Blucher: Other Stories 
Oufit 3: Blouse: Zara Woman, Sneakers: Nike Premontreal Racer

“Vintage” Sport Outfit

This outfit is the result of putting into place the reading of a book, which I recommend you to read it. It is about coaching, and it was a present from my boss to all colleges department. I can confirm that it deserves to be read. It is a good way to keep discovering yourself and progress a little bit more in the encounter with ourselves.

As most of you know, part of a great coaching process is to have a lead life, and it is part of it to have a well-organized closet. So while I was clearing my stuff, I found these Nike Blazer, which are one of my favorite sneakers by far.

I can say they are quite vintage, they are almost 8 years old, and I can leave them. I love them and I still find them fashionable… even over the years. In addition they also bring me really good memories.

The t-shirt is another great vintage garment, it is approximately the same age, but when you choose the right clothes they can last a lot longer.

So, today’s post may have moral, clear and consolidate your closet to have your life organized but keep your favorites 😉

Here you have the link to the book in case you want to read it, Talane Miedaner Coaching for Success. This is a summary I found surfing by internet, which can give you an idea about it. Reading highly recommended.


T-shirt: Nike
Jean: Abercrombie & Fitch
Sneakers: Nike Blazer

Keep on Recycling

Keep recycling… this time in cool colors with some old clothes I found in my closet. The purpose of this articule is to mix your old and new clothes.Important to say, nowadays fashion allows almost all styles, short, long, super mini or knew length skirts. Checked bluses, or striped, plain, printed, ruffled…

Fashion has become comfortable, and one of the example is skirts or dress with sneakers combination, so let’s try different mixes. Just take care because not all sneakers styles are ok with skirts or dresses.

This time, my sneakers are Nike Premontreal Racer, it is an old Nike style, still alive, which I consider classy and very feminine to mix with skirts, as this sneaker style is stylizing your legs. There are from 2012, quite old, like all other garments in this outfit…

I hope this can help you like inspiration, or at list to try to reuse some garments of your wardrobe.

Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Cover: Marithé François Girbaud
Scarf: Abercrombie & Fitch
Sneakers: Nike Premontreal Racer

Nike Free Flyknit

Flyknit, I fell in love with this tech from the first moment Nike launched it. I am following all updates new designs and functionalities they are applying to this particular fabric. As I told you in some post before, this technology allows the most perfect adaptation to your feet.

In addition to this, totally flexible Free outsole, which allows freedom, exercising muscles in a natural movement. With this technology Nike is mixing the healthy motion of a bare foot with the protection of traditional footwear, getting a great foot muscles reinforcement.

Being a super technical and comfortable product, it is also a great sneaker for a casual outfit.

So, here we are the Nike Free Flyknit I just bought. I choose black and white as basic blend which allows multiple combinations, I am going to use like a casual wear. You can find different choices at Nike web.

Super recommendable, really comfortable! I wear them with skirts to go to work…  😉

Jean bluse: G-Star
Skirt: Zara
Sneakers: NIke Free Flyknit

100% Reused

I love fashion; however I am very much in favor of keeping your style even strong trend, using kind of clothes that enhance our figure, and of course, buying in a profitable way.

So here we are with this outfit, it is an example of efficient purchase. And it is the result of old clothes mixed. There is no seasonal clothes.I wanted to share it to emphasize the importance of right purchases, which allow us to mix different styles, seasons and trends, creating own style with our personal note.

In this outfit, sand color jacket, from Armani Exchange and Nike green sweater, are really ancient, 10 and 8 year old respectively.

These sneakers are one of my preferred styles, Premontreal Racer, Nike is still producing this model, I let you the direct link with the style. As my ones are 4 years old.
The bag is from Nat & Nin, it also old, but these two sisters create beautiful collections that do not go out of style.

Finally the parka and jean, from Abercrombie only have a couple of years.

You can see the importance of intelligent purchase, so let me encourage you to do it!

Parka: Abercrombie & Fitch
Sand jacket: Armani Exchange
Sweater: NIke
Jean: Abercrombie & Fitch
Sneakers: Nike Premontreal
Bag: Nat & Nin

Black & Leather

Leather black jacket never goes out of style, it is an essential basic in our wardrobe.

The success here is in knowing how to choose it. Nowadays rocker look with rebel touch are the trendiest leather jackets, personally I like them a lot.

When we are going to choose one of those jackets, one of the most important things are the raw materials, and I believe it is crucial to get an authentic leather jacket. The main reason it is not only the durability, but also the personality these garments will get with the wrinkles produced by the use.

Zara is a good place to buy this kind of leather pieces with trendy designs and great price. The jacket of the pictures is an example. Nice leather, good price, perfect fit and very stylish.

I hope this help  😉

Jacket: Zara

Casual look with running sneakers!

Nike Flyknit Racer is one of my favorite’s sneakers for a long time. Specially in this black and white color combination. Flyknit racer is a running sneaker… but it is not only to run…

Nike invests in Flyknit technology for many years now. Then remark these sneakers are made with only one knitted piece, as if we knit a sweater…being them a very special item. Very comfortable as a result of being all of one piece, and totally fresh due to materials used in its manufacture.

Few words are needed to describe them: EXCELLENT!  If you love sneakers, these are yours.

Here you have the link to Nike website, where you can find this specific style. Usually these kinds of styles have very limited production, so if you like them, do not think too much the purchase…

Sneakers: Nike Flyknit Racer


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